Zocleaner.com Removal Guide and Information

Do you know what Zocleaner.com is?

Zocleaner.com is a malicious website and browser hijacker that is known to promote and sell the rogue anti-spyware program System Security 2009. Zocleaner.com may look like a website that offers security applications but was found to be none other than something created by hackers with the intent to extort money from computer users.

If visited, Zocleaner.com will display a notification that warns you of an infection. Zocleaner.com may also look like it is scanning your computer from a Windows My Computer window. Do not fall for this trick. Discontinue use of Zocleaner.com immediately. The malicious file "install.exe" may be installed which is a malicious file that could install the rogue System Security 2009.

In non-techie terms:
Zocleaner.com should never be visited. You may be redirected to Zocleaner.com from a Trojan infection or malicious link. If that happens, then you should take the necessary steps to remove the infection at once to prevent other malware applications from being installed from the Zocleaner.com web page.

Zocleaner.com.com website image:

Aliases: Zocleaner.com, www.Zocleaner.com, System Security 2009.