Zlob Removal Guide

Do you know what Zlob is?

Zlob, also known as Trojan.Zlob, is a trojan designed to affect the Windows operating system by changing settings and modifying files on your computer. Zlob is usually found bundled in video codecs which are used to view video files. Zlob is capable of installing and downloading adware and rogue anti-spyware programs.

Once executed, Zlob can also generate pop-ups which appear similar to Windows warning pop-ups, informing that the machine is infected with spyware, in order to trick you into clicking and triggering the download and purchasing various popular rogue anti-spyware.

Recent Zlob variants like Zlob-x.a can hijack your IE browser and display an error message within your search results in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Zlob starts automatically every time Windows boots and hides, waiting for remote connections to attack, downloading and installing malicious software, such as: IE Defender, VirusRay and AntiVirGear. Zlob can change the registry or the startup file which makes Zlob a dangerous program to leave on your computer.

In non-Techie terms: Zlob is designed to mislead and to extort money from you. Avoid website that promote fake codecs and do not click on error messages alleging to detect a security problem with your computer.

Aliases: Troj/Zlob-QJ, Zlob-x.a.