Zentom System Guard Removal Guide

Do you know what Zentom System Guard is?

With the ever present risk of harmful rogue security tools to healthy PCs, it has become impossible to protect your PC from harmful threats such as Zentom System Guard without some type of help. This rogue in particular emanates from a long line of destructive rogues, some of which include Windows Trouble Solver and Windows Inspection Utility. What is more, Zentom System Guard also forms part of the vicious and despised fake Microsoft Security Essentials scam. All of this evidence points to the fact that Zentom System Guard is definitely an unwanted application that should be removed as soon as possible.

Established forms of infection are used to distribute Zentom System Guard. This can range from bogus online malware scanners to seditiously clandestine browser hijacking websites. Other forms of infection used as part of Zentom System Guard’s online marketing campaign include bundled third party downloads and infected online flash ads.

The user will only become aware of Zentom System Guard’s presence on the system once the rogue is ready to start its attack against the PC. This will usually happen by Zentom System Guard initiating a fake system scan aimed at panicking the user into thinking his system is under attack. It will also spam the user with incessant fake pop up messages acting as bogus security alerts informing the user falsely that his system is being attacked.

Other symptoms associated with the Zentom System Guard infection include increased erratic system behavior, poor system performance and blocked Internet connections. Users infected with Zentom System Guard also complained about being unable to execute any applications on the infected PC.

In order to regain full control of your PC, make use of the removal power of a genuine security tool which will not only obliterate Zentom System Guard but also protect the system against similar attacks and threats in future.

In non techie terms:

Zentom System Guard is a fake security application only out to rip you off. Get rid of Zentom System Guard and protect your system against its destructive nature.

Aliases: ZentomSystemGuard.