YourPrivacyGuard Removal Guide

Do you know what YourPrivacyGuard is?

YourPrivacyGuard is a fraudulent anti-spyware program. YourPrivacyGuard is similar to SecurePCCleaner and PCPrivacyTool which are all rogue anti-spyware programs. YourPrivacyGuard may make foolish claims that it will keep your computer safe by stating that it will "protect your privacy againce violations". This is a scam and part of a scare tactic to get you to purchase a full version of YourPrivacyGuard.

In non-techie terms: YourPrivacyGuard, like other rogue anti-spyware programs, is designed to use illicit tactics to extort money from you. YourPrivacyGuard may not fix any errors or issues on your computer. Do not under any circumstances download or purchase the YourPrivacyGuard program.

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