Yontoo Layers Client Removal Guide

Do you know what Yontoo Layers Client is?

Yontoo Layers Client is a browser extension that is used to create application for website modification. It can take over the user's computer, installing additional malware without the user’s knowledge or consent. Yontoo Layers Client gets installed as a browser-add that is supposed to help user to enhance the browsing experience, but the reality is that Yontoo Layers Client manipulates the user's data and then generates a list of pop-up ads that are more than annoying.

In some cases it can even display various warning messages on the computer’s screen, baffling the user. Yontoo Layers Client behaves almost like a rogue security program that informs the user of supposed infections. However, in reality Yontoo Layers Client is more of a browser hijacker, because it has the ability to redirect user’s searches to affiliated websites and even change the default search engine website to a page that is directly related to Yontoo Layers Client.

We cannot stress enough the fact that Yontoo Layers Client is not a virus itself, however, there is no guarantee that this browser add-on will not bring you trouble. Third parties commonly use such “grey area” applications to distribute and deliver their software. Yontoo Layers Client is also known to be downloaded bundled with other types of programs. Users sometimes don’t even know that they install Yontoo Layers Client when they are installing a video codec or some other free program.

The point is that it is better to remove Yontoo Layers Client from the system before it becomes the source of some serious problem. Since the browser add-on is quite hard to uninstall, it would be better to erase Yontoo Layers Client with an antispyware tool that considers it to be a computer security threat. Not to mention that automatic removal will also take care of similar unwanted programs that might be residing in your system.

In non-techie terms:

Yontoo Layers Client is an undesirable browser add-on that can cause seriously computer security problems and needs to be removed from the system as soon as possible. Acquire a computer safeguard program that will delete Yontoo Layers Client for you automatically. Protect yourself from suspicious applications.

Aliases: Yontoo Layers.