XGroupVN Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what XGroupVN Ransomware is?

XGroupVN Ransomware is a malicious computer infection that will disrupt your usual daily habits. Its main method is the scare tactic that should push users into spending their money. However, computer security experts say that one should not be so hasty and pay the ransom fee. It is far better to remove XGroupVN Ransomware from the system right now, ensuring your computer’s safety. The best way to safeguard your computer from harm is investing in a reliable antispyware application. That is way we strongly recommend SpyHunter because this application has a powerful scanner that will detect all the potential threats.

Perhaps we should talk more about the nature of ransomware programs, and why they are so dangerous. The most prevalent group of ransomware applications right now are the crypto ransomware programs. It means that when these infections slither into target computers, they encrypt a huge chunk of user’s files, making them virtually inaccessible. As a result, the programs demand that users paid predetermined ransomware fee, in order to decrypt those files. Now, it is highly doubtful whether the cyber criminals behind these infections really issue those decryption keys. But we can see that the business is lucrative, and new ransomware programs emerge every single day.XGroupVN Ransomware Removal GuideXGroupVN Ransomware screenshot
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However, there is something fundamentally different about XGroupVN Ransomware. When our research team studied this program’s sample in our internal lab, they have found that the application cannot encrypt your files. So it means that the program is more of a hoax, designed to make you think that you are in a serious trouble. The program basically relies on the user’s knowledge or the lack of it, hoping that the user panics and gives away their money. If users do not stop and check things carefully, it is very likely that they could fall for this trick. After all, this is the notification that pops up on your screen when you get infected:

You should Know, all your personal computer has been encrypted, all your file in C:, please click {XG} for more information

And below the notification there is the XG button that should redirect you to a website that either collects payments or contains a few email addresses that would allow you to contact the criminals who created this infection. However, clicking the button does nothing, and your files are completely fine. After all, if XGroupVN Ransomware had encrypted all of your files, you would not have been able to even run your computer in the first place. With system files encrypted, your computer would not work. So this message on your screen is an obvious lie.

It does not mean that XGroupVN Ransomware is not annoying, on the other hand. And to deal with such programs you also have to understand how they spread, so you could avoid similar intruders in the future. The research shows that the application spreads via spam emails. Spam email campaigns are usually rather successful, because even if most of the message land in your Junk folder, quite a few manage to get into your main inbox.

Spam messages that distribute XGroupVN Ransomware look like notifications from online stores and other official entities. They usually urge you to open an attachment that supposedly contains an invoice or some other important document you “must” check out. The moment users download and open that attachment, the infection gets installed on the target computer. That is why you should never open attachments received from unfamiliar parties, and if you must, you should scan it with a security tool before opening.

Since this program does not encrypt your files, it should not be complicated to remove it. You just need to delete the files you opened right before the ransomware notification appeared on your screen. If you do not know where the files have been stored, check out all the directories where you usually save downloaded files.

Also, running a full system scan with a security application is your best chance to make sure that all the malicious files are deleted for good. Not to mention that you will be able to protect your PC from similar infections in the future if you invest in a licensed antispyware tool right now.

How to Remove XGroupVN Ransomware

  1. Go to your Downloads folder.
  2. Find recently downloaded files.
  3. Delete those files and scan your PC.

In non-techie terms:

XGroupVN Ransomware is a peculiar infection that may look like the worst thing in the world but it just gives users a good scare. You can remove this program without much difficulty, but it is always a good idea to scan your system additionally with a security tool because malicious programs seldom get distributed individually, and you might have a lot more unwanted applications on-board without even knowing it. For any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us by leaving a comment below.