Worm:Win32/Vobfus.MD Removal Guide

Do you know what Worm:Win32/Vobfus.MD is?

Worm:Win32/Vobfus.MD is a computer worm that can seriously compromise your system security. It usually spreads around through infected removable drives, so if you use your USB flash drive or external hard drive often, and you plug them in to various public computers, make sure to scan the drives before opening them again on your computer, because you can get infected with Worm:Win32/Vobfus.MD as well.

This infection comes from Win32/Vobfus family that is notorious for its ability to download and execute malicious files on target computers. Worm:Win32/Vobfus.MD is able to connect to a remote server behind users back. Once the connection is established, it tries to download TrojanDownloader:Win32/Beebone or other variants of Win32/Acbot Trojan family onto your computer. It means that when you are infected with Worm:Win32/Vobfus.MD, your computer quickly becomes swarmed with other infections and it negatively affects overall system performance.

You are definitely exposed to the Worm:Win32/Vobfus.MD infection, if you find the follow files in the root folders of your removable drive: passwords.exe, sexy.exe., porn.exe, secret.exe, subst.exe. During an installation, Worm:Win32/Vobfus.MD creates an executable file with a random name in User Profile directory. Then it modifies the Registry, and sets new values to subkey that is responsible for the auto-run of various programs - thus allowing the worm to run automatically whenever you turn on your computer.

Once the worm is up and running, and it connects to a remote server at ns1.helpchecks.net. From there Worm:Win32/Vobfus.MD receives instructions on how to download additional malware, including TrojanDownlloader:Win32/Beebone. Consequently, once this Trojans enters your system, it connect to the Internet behind your back as well, and downloads even more malware. Eventually you can experience an ultimate system crash and your private data might get stolen, if you get infected with a data stealing Trojan.

Therefore, you need to perform system scans regular, so that you can remove Worm:Win32/Vobfus.MD in the first stages of the infection. Invest in a reliable antimalware tool such as SpyHunter, to safeguard your computer against dangerous intruders.

In non-techie terms:

Worm:Win32/Vobfus.MD is a computer infection classified as worm. It seriously compromises your system security by downloading more malware onto your computer. Remove Worm:Win32/Vobfus.MD immediately with a legitimate antimalware tool and protect the PC from other possible infections.

Aliases: Vobfus.MD.