Worm.Bondat Removal Guide

Do you know what Worm.Bondat is?

Worm.Bondat is a dangerous infection that reaches target computers via such removable drives as USB flash drives. You should remove this worm as soon as you notice any signs which indicate that your system has been compromised. If you fail to delete this infection in time, it will steal your information and make your system vulnerable to cyber criminals.

This worm seeks to infect removable media because it one of the most convenient ways to disseminate itself onto a large number of target computers. When you plug a healthy USB device into an infected PC, Worm.Bondat automatically locates the device and creates a copy of malicious code on it. Thus, now you have an infected USB device which, when plugged, will infect other healthy computers. In order to prevent cases when you spread infections to other computers, install antimalware removal software which will scan and remove all the malicious content that is plaguing your USB device.

More specifically, Worm.Bondat is an executable Javascript file (.js) which makes a copy of itself on a removable USB device. When this infection detects a plugged USB device, it checks whether the removable driver contains files with such extensions as .doc, .docx, .txt, .mp3, .mov, .jpg, etc. The worm looks for the most popular file extensions so it is highly likely that your storage device will contain at least one of them. When it locates the needed files, it creates .lnk files with the same file name. If you accidentally click on the .lnk file (a shortcut), it will point you to the malicious JavaScript file which unleashes the infection.

When Worm.Bondat infects target computers, it terminates various processes, deletes files found in the Startup directory (.js, .vbs, .jse, .vb), and modifies registry values. After it has established its presence on your computer, it will show a fake warning message which will state that “the application has generated an exception that could not be handled”. Although this message is not true, it might be interpreted as a clear sign that Worm.Bondat has already compromised your computer. Therefore, do not delay to start looking for the means to remove this infection once and for all.

Worm.Bondat is also known to steal information (user name, computer name, operating system, running processes) which is encrypted and sent to a remote server. As you see, this worm also violates your privacy by connecting to remote locations and transferring data to malicious third-parties. The established link with the remote server can also allow this threat to upload additional malware onto your system, and thus compromise your computer even further.

The most reliable tool to delete Worm.Bondat from your machine is a legitimate antimalware program. We recommend that you should not try to remove this infection manually because it might be too complicated. Professional antimalware software will be enough to terminate the risks and restore your computer to the previous state.

In non-techie terms:

Worm.Bondat is a dangerous infection that might dropped onto your system via infected removable drives. It might steal sensitive data and create vulnerabilities for cyber criminals to get access to your machine. The most trusted way to remove this infection from your system is to install a legitimate antimalware program.