WindowSecure Removal Guide

Do you know what WindowSecure is?

WindowSecure is a fake Korean antivirus program. Even though it has a Korean interface it does not mean that it targets Korean users only. Computer users around the globe have reported being infected with WindowSecure. Luckily, not every user speaks Korean, and if your computer does not have Asian languages activated, Korean warnings would not be displayed at all. As a result, WindowSecure should not be able to trick users into buying the full version of the rogue antispyware program.

Nevertheless, WindowSecure has a sophisticated interface that highlights button on dialogue boxes that are ought to be clicked. So if a user keeps on clicking these buttons, doing everything WindowSecure wants him to do, he might end up revealing his financial information to a third party.

Even if you don't speak Korean, you might be compelled to listen to WindowSecure, because after the installation the rogue performs a full system scan and supposedly detects tons of tracking cookies in your system. The names of the cookies are presented in English along with the directories they were "detected" at. If a user sees this list and thinks it denotes a serious problem. However, relying on WindowSecure to solve your computer security problems would be a very bad idea, because the only thing this rogue wants is your money.

In order to protect yourself from being robbed, you have to remove WindowSecure immediately. If you cannot terminate this fake antivirus program on your own, we strongly recommend acquiring a powerful computer security tool that can delete WindowsSecure automatically. With a computer security tool of choice you will also be able to protect your system from similar threats.

In non-techie terms:

WindowSecure is a rogue antispyware program that wants to steal your money. In order to achieve that it slows down your system and fakes various malware infections. You must remove WindowSecure right now, if you want to protect your system from serious damage.

Aliases: rogue.WindowSecure.