Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer is?

Don’t let something like Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer trick into believing that this is the best program you can have for deleting infections in your system. Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer is an infection itself, because it is a rogue antispyware application that masquerades as a useful computer program in hopes of stealing your hard-earned money. Windows Risks Prevention, Windows Proofness Guarantor and Windows Necessary Firewall are the forerunners of this rogue and with an abundance of malicious rogue behind its back Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer surely comes forth as a dangerous computer threat.

Naturally, being careful while you browse the Internet reduces the possibility of catching this infection, but sometimes you are simply out of luck, because the Trojan which distributes this rogue can be hiding behind colorful ads in media upload sites or behind a spam comment on your blog post. Therefore, at times you can get infected by Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer even if you are not visiting any suspicious websites.

At first the Trojan will present you with a notification that there is an unknown Trojan detected in your computer and it will urge you to perform a system scan. After the quick “scan” you will be presented with the name of the Trojan infecting your system. The name is Trojan.Horse.Win32.PAV.64.a. It is a generic name that has been used by all of the Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer’s predecessors. The criminals behind this infection are surely not that creative, but they are very persistent and they will not stop until you download Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer into your computer.

If you have this rogue installed and running, you need to make sure that you remove Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer from your system as soon as possible. This rogue will plague you with numerous fake security messages and will try make you pay for a non-existent service. You mustn’t reveal your credit card number to these criminals. Your computer is slow because of Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer, not because of all these viruses this rogue is telling you of. Invest in a reliable security program and get rid of this infection at once.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer is a rogue antispyware program which damages your computer and tries to steal your money. You need to erase Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer as soon as possible before your computer becomes absolutely inoperable.

Aliases: WindowsVulnerabilitiesRescuer.