Windows Vista Recovery Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Vista Recovery is?

If you are looking to invest in your PC’s performance, rather steer well clear of the rogue defragmenter Windows Vista Recovery. This rogue application will try its hardest to appear like a genuine security tool, but in reality it is nothing more than an empty shell, working as a vehicle for cyber criminals to steal honest consumers’ money.

Windows Vista Recovery makes use of established forms of infection to enter its victim’s PC. These can range from using seditious browser hijacking websites to infecting actual websites, to making use of bogus online malware scanners. Whichever method of intrusion it decides on, the user will remain unaware of Windows Vista Recovery’s presence on the system until it is too late.

The first clue the user will have as to the presence of Windows Vista Recovery on the system will come when the rogue starts its attack against the PC. This will happen by Windows Vista Recovery initiating a fake system scan, and alerting the user to various errors. Although seemingly genuine looking reports, upon closer inspection the user will be able to identify the nonsensical nature of the error messages, not least to do with the bad spelling contained in them. One example includes the following:

Critical Error
Windows can't find hard disk space. Hard drive error

This is a completely bogus error, since what it describes cannot be true. If Windows was unable to find a hard drive, it would not be able to operate. Keeping your eyes open to such blatant foolery is one of the various ways you can distinguish rubbish and fake applications from legitimate ones.

Users infected with Windows Vista Recovery also complained about being unable to launch any executable on the system. Some also reported having the contents of their folders hidden, and not being able to access some folders entirely.

If infected, destroy Windows Vista Recovery from the system immediately. This is the only way you will regain control of your PC. Do not attempt to manually remove Windows Vista Recovery unless you are experienced in performing manual removals. Instead make use of a powerful security tool which will also offer adequate future protection against similar threats.

In non techie terms:

Windows Vista Recovery is a bogus system optimization tool with none of the abilities it professes to have. You will do well to get rid of Windows Vista Recovery and restore your system’s privacy and security.

Aliases: WindowsVistaRecovery.