Windows Tweaking Utility Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Tweaking Utility is?

Developers behind the Fake Microsoft Essentials scam have been hard at work, adding yet another rogue security tool, Windows Tweaking Utility, to their stable. This rogue descends from the same despicable family of rogues as Windows Attention Utility and Windows Tasks Master. It will not seek permission before entering the system, and will root itself in the PC without the PC owner’s knowledge.

Windows Tweaking Utility makes use of various established forms of infection. These include browser hijacking websites as well as rubbish online malware scanners. The browser hijackers forcefully redirect users from their browsing and search sessions in an effort to compromised landing pages, where drive-by downloads are used to root the Windows Tweaking Utility infection securely into users’ PCs.

Once the infection is securely rooted, it will modify registry entries to allow its execution each time Windows starts up. It will also start its attack against the system by initiating a fake system scan. This system scan will yield various false positives, including Trojan.Horse.Win32.PAV.64.a. None of the fake results yielded from this scan should be trusted or relied on.

As a further attack on the system Windows Tweaking Utility will spam the user with various fake security warnings informing him that his system is being attacked, or already compromised. One popular fake alert regularly used by Windows Tweaking Utility reads as follows:

Location: c:\windows\system32\taskmgr.exe
Viruses: Backdoor.Win32.Rbot

Once again none of the fake alerts used by Windows Tweaking Utility should be trusted, and users are warned against ever believing anything Windows Tweaking Utility has to say. Other symptoms associated with this rogue include being unable to launch any type of executable on the system, as well as blocked Internet connections. This is done in an effort to prevent the user from either downloading or running a security program on the system which could detect and permanently remove Windows Tweaking Utility.

This rogue has the potential to cause permanent and severe damage to the system. To avoid this, obliterate Windows Tweaking Utility immediately. Do this by investing in a genuine security tool which will not only eradicate Windows Tweaking Utility but also protect against similar future threats.

In non techie terms:

Windows Tweaking Utility is a fake security tool which holds no benefit to your PC. Take back control of your PC and erase Windows Tweaking Utility to limit the damage it will cause to your system.

Aliases: WindowsTweakingUtility.