Windows Troublemakers Agent Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Troublemakers Agent is?

Windows Troublemakers Agent is a part of the big Fake Microsoft Security Essentials fraud family, and it is a direct clone of such infamous pests as Windows Optimal Tool, Windows Defence Center, Windows Error Correction and alike. This rogue copies the appearance of genuine computer security tool to gain trust of the unsuspecting users and then rip them off to the very last cent.

Browser hijackers, fake online scanner sites and spam email are just a few of ways for Windows Troublemakers Agent to redistribute itself. This parasite most of the time arrives at your doorstep together with a Trojan horse infection, and you might not be aware of it on time, because it might seem that the program downloaded is providing a desirable function. However, once Windows Troublemakers Agent decides to launch its attack against you, you will be sure to notice it, because this rogue is known to block your desktop access.

With your desktop blocked you can no longer perform the usual work with your computer and everything might seem lost, but you can get your desktop back. To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. When you reboot your computer, you will see Windows Troublemakers Agent’s application on your screen with a default color background. It will go away if you click on the “OK” button. Now the rogue will initiate a fake system scan.
  2. With the scan done another security notice will appear. Click “OK” again.
  3. Now click on the red “X” at the right top of the message to close it.
  4. The notification will go away and your desktop will be unblocked.

With your desktop restored you have to seriously consider getting rid of Windows Troublemakers Agent, because this rogue will stop at nothing to lay its hands on your financial funds. It might promise to get rid of the security errors in your system, but you pay for it, the only thing that will disappear will be your money, while the parasite will remain your system, causing more and more damage which eventually will result in a total system failure. To prevent this from happening, you need to acquire a trustworthy security tool and erase Windows Troublemakers Agent from your computer before it is too late.

In non techie terms:

Windows Troublemakers Agent is a fake antispyware application which wants to extort financial gain from you, at the same time damaging your computer. Don’t believe in its messages and don’t provide it with your credit card information if you know what’s best for you. Save yourself the trouble and remove Windows Troublemakers Agent at once.

Aliases: WindowsTroublemakersAgent, WindowsTroublemakers Agent, Windows TroublemakersAgent.