Windows Telemetry Center Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Telemetry Center is?

Windows Telemetry Center is a malicious program, which pretends to be a legitimate antispyware tool that protects you from any security threat in your Windows system. To make you believe that the bogus software is needed, malware simulates an infection and warns you of numerous high risk alerts. Removing Windows Telemetry Center is the only way to get rid of the infection and its symptoms, and you need to do that immediately, before more malware infiltrates and puts your personal security data at risk.

Windows Telemetry Center belongs to the Rogue.VirusDoctor family, with such well known predecessor clones as Windows Performance Catalyst and Windows Protection Master. Cyber criminals behind this family of rogues have been attacking PC users actively, without even changing the malware’s interface. The strategy has already helped the hijackers to make a considerable profit without putting in too much effort, but the scam continues and more PC users are dragged into it every day. The hijackers behind Windows Telemetry Center have plenty of ways to help m:Dalware enter your Windows system, so it is very important that you browse with great care and avoid any suspicious, attachments, links or online purchase offers. Windows Telemetry Center can be hiding anywhere!

Once activated, Windows Telemetry Center can block executable files and modify your Windows Registry. The rogue will also initiate a fake scanner which will report numerous Trojans, worms or unfamiliar applications harming your system, and send you pop-ups and alerts filled with fake information. Bellow you can analyze a few Windows Telemetry Center fake warnings:

Virus Detected Threat detected: FTP Server

Software without a digital signature detected. Your system files are at risk. We strongly advise you to activate your protection.

Potential malware detected. It is recommended to activate protection and perform a thorough system scan to remove the malware.

These fake infection warnings are meant to make you think that Windows Telemetry Center can protect you from a horrible infection. Do not be fooled, because the only thing the rogue will do is ask you to pay money for a useless antispyware tool! It will even use an interface similar to the one of Windows Security Center to reach its goal to profit from you. Here is a fake message you would receive from the simulated Windows Security Center:

Activate Windows Telemetry Center to get ultimate protection against Identity Theft, Viruses, Malware and other threats!

In non-techie terms:

Windows Telemetry Center is a highly malicious rogue that can simulate an infection and create insecure environment, which could open up security vulnerabilities and invite other prejudicial malware. You have to remove Windows Telemetry Center, if you realize that your computer has been infected with this malicious rogue. Trust a legal antispyware tool to remove the infection, or do it manually, if you have the right knowledge.

Aliases: WindowsTelemetryCenter.

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