Windows Supervision Center Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Supervision Center is?

You certainly don’t want any problems with your computer and that is why you should stay away from such threats as Windows Supervision Center. This rogue antispyware application poses as a reliable security program and it is a part of the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials scam. What is more, it is a direct clone of Windows Oversight Center, as it can be perfectly visible from the absolutely identical interfaces of these two rogues.

Due to the fact that Windows Supervision Center has many ways to enter the targeted computer, the user has to exercise extreme caution while browsing the Internet. One can never know which link might lead to an infected site which consequently will infect the system with the rogue. The most important thing in this case is to always keep your guard up, and perform regular scans of your computer for any infections possible.

The reason why Windows Supervision Center slithers into your computer is simple – it wants your money. Once the rogue entrenches in your system, you will get a prompt notifying you that you have been infected by UnknownWin32/Trojan and Windows Supervision Center needs to run a complete system scan to check your computer for any other errors. As a result, if the “scan” is performed, Windows Supervision Center will rate your system’s security at 32% and will consider it to be a very low rating. It will then urge you to optimize your system’s performance by fixing the errors, which includes buying the license for Windows Supervision Center.

Naturally, the deal that the rogue offers might look very attractive. After all, it says that it will give you a lifetime antivirus support and computer safeguard for only 75.95 USD, but there is nothing truthful about these promises. If you pay, you will spend your money and then Windows Supervision Center will inform you that the errors have been taken care of. However, there were no errors to begin with. The rogue is the main threat itself, and it still remains in your computer, waiting for another opportunity to attack you, while the creators of this malicious application can access your bank account anytime, because by “purchasing” the license you have exposed your banking information to the third parties.

Therefore, if you want to get out of this situation safely, remove Windows Supervision Center once you notice the program acting up. You can find instructions how to do it manually, but some users find the task too much of a challenge, so if you want an easier way out, you can always use an automatic malware removal tool. Whatever you do, just make sure Windows Supervision Center is deleted from your computer before it is too late.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Supervision Center is a fake antispyware program, which projects an image of a legitimate antivirus application. It does so in order to rip easy financial gain, at the same time damaging your computer. In order to avoid terrible consequences of the infection, you need to terminate Windows Supervision Center immediately.

Aliases: WindowsSupervisionCenter.