Windows Software Protection Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Software Protection is?

Do not fall for the seemingly genuine looking GUIs and misleading applications of Windows Software Protection. This rogue antispyware product forms part of the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials scam, and is directly related to other devastating and hotly despised rogues such as Windows System Optimizator and Windows Safety Protection. These disturbing facts alone are enough to justify having to remove Windows Software Protection from the system, but if you need more convincing read on.

Windows Software Protection makes use of various established forms of infection to distribute its seditious Trojans and malware. Most notably it makes use of browser hijacking websites out to compromise users’ PCs. These browser hijackers will literally go and hijack a user’s browsing and search session and forcefully redirect him to its compromised landing pages, where the user’s browser and system susceptibilities and weaknesses will be exploited so as to effectively and successfully deliver the Windows Software Protection Trojans.

PC owners who did not eliminate Windows Software Protection in time complained about being unable to access their Desktops or launch any types of files or executables on their systems. Distressing as these symptoms are, there is hope. Follow these instructions in order to regain access to your Desktop and restore your ability to launch executables again:

  1. Once the system reboot is complete, you will not be able to access the Desktop again but will instead be presented with the Windows Software Protection startup screen. Select OK to start the Windows Software Protection system scan
  2. Wait for the system scan to finish
  3. Once Windows Software Protection’s system scan finishes you should now be able to close the Windows Software Protection startup screen.

Windows Software Protection simply does not have the ability to detect and remove any type of infection or security threat. This rogue will do whatever it can to successfully rip you off, so in order to take back control of your PC annihilate Windows Software Protection once and for all.

In non techie terms:

Windows Software Protection is a fake security application out to destroy your system and rip you off. Do not trust any correspondence received from this deceptive rogue and eradicate Windows Software Protection as soon as possible.

Aliases: WindowsSoftwareProtection, WindowsSoftware Protection, Windows SoftwareProtection.