Windows Simple Protector Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Simple Protector is?

It never ceases to amaze how many different variations of the very same rogue developers of fake optimization tools can come up with, as in the case of Windows Simple Protector. This rogue originates from the same family of well known rogues as Windows Optimal Settings, Windows Optimal Solution, Windows Optimization Center and Privacy Corrector, and is just as ineffectual at identifying and removing any type of threat from the system as its predecessors.

This rogue is unable to live up to its promises. Its fake system scan which is not initiated by the user will report on more than 14 viruses being present on PC, 34 system errors and 168 Register errors. These are all false positives, as in reality no such viruses or errors exist. Windows Simple Protector will also be the instigator of the very symptoms it warns its victims about, including the “System slowdown” “Unprotected Privacy data” and “Internet Connection Loss”. In fact, this rogue will even go so far as to deny you access to your Desktop and keep your PC ransom.

The first clue the user will have as to the presence of this fake application will come from the many fake alerts he will be subjected to. These fake alerts are baseless, and upon greater inspection will prove nonsensical, such as:

: c:\program files\firefox\firefox.exe
Application that seems to be a key-logger is detected. System information security is at risk. It is recommended to enable the security mode and run total System scanning.

This fake alert suggests that Firefox is a key-logger, which is complete nonsense. Taking a closer look at the fake alerts and not taking them at face value will soon prove that you are indeed dealing with a suspect application.

If you want to regain control of your PC get rid of Windows Simple Protector. Do this safely by employing the removal power of a genuine security tool to aid with the removal process.

In non techie terms:

Windows Simple Protector is a fake security tool only out to rip you off. Destroy Windows Simple Protector before it succeeds in fleecing you out of your money.

Aliases: WindowsSimpleProtector.