Windows Shield Center Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Shield Center is?

There is no advantage to having this Windows Shield Center on your PC. The devastation this rogue antispyware application is responsible for has only just begun being documented, and as yet the full extent of its devastation has not been determined. Windows Shield Center comes across as a genuine security tool out to protect your PC against the many online threats out there. The truth could not be farther from the truth. Windows Shield Center enters the PC under surreptitious circumstances, without prompt and without the knowledge of the PC owner. The truth is that Windows Shield Center is developed and marketed by cyber criminals out to rip honest consumers off. Windows Shield Center, despite what it wants you to believe has no ability to detect, quarantine or remove any infection from your PC.

Windows Shield Center enters the PC through the user of Trojan horse infections. These Trojans are distributed with the help of browser hijacking domains and fake online malware scanners. The problem is that these infiltration techniques are so sly that the user has no idea when Windows Shield Center infiltrates his PC. It will remain in the background until it starts its assault on the PC and will reveal itself by making use of various fake security notifications. These notifications were designed to engender panic in the user and are completely without basis. Do not put any stock in these fake alerts and don’t believe any correspondence received from Windows Shield Center.

Among other distressing symptoms of a Windows Shield Center infection, the PC owner will not be able to launch any programs on his PC and have access to his Desktop denied. Increased erratic system behavior and poor system performance also seem to be a trademark of Windows Shield Center. There does however seem to be a way to circumvent the dire symptoms of this infection. Follow these instructions to restore access to your Desktop:

  1. When presented with the startup screen, press the OK button to start the Windows Shield Center scan on the system.
  2. While the scan is running, go the bottom left corner screen where you will notice a website linking to a legitimate Microsoft website (
  3. Click on this link to be redirected to a bogus website informing users about online safety and privacy education. This website is a fake domain, and you should close it immediately by clicking on the red X at the top right of the screen.
  4. You should now be able to also close the Windows Shield Center startup screen and regain access to your Desktop

Access to the Desktop should now be fully functional. While Windows Shield Center is still active on the PC the user might have trouble launching some executables. It’s worth noting that the user should simply continue trying and will eventually succeed in launching any desired program.

In non techie terms:

Do not be fooled by this seemingly genuine and helpful looking security application. This rogue does not have your best interests at heart. Destroy Windows Shield Center from your PC before it destroys your system.

Aliases: WindowsShieldCenter, Windows ShieldCenter, WindowsShield Center.