Windows Salvage System Removal Guide

Do you know what Personal Shield Pro is?

Have you ever heard of Windows Salvage System? No? Well, if you have encountered rogues from the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Scam, you must have seen the same interface at least once then. Windows Salvage System is a rogue antispyware application which looks exactly like its predecessors such as Windows Necessary Firewall, Windows Risks Preventions, Windows Crashes Deliverer and the like. It slithers into the system pretending to be a reliable and useful program, while in fact it might be responsible for an ultimate system crash if one allows this infection to branch out in his computer.

Windows Salvage System is distributed via Trojan infections which mean that it enters the system without the user’s knowledge or consent. At first it only prompts the user that there is an Unknown Win32/Trojan infection and the user is required to scan the system to see what is wrong with it. The message says that Microsoft Security Essentials “detected potential threats that might compromise your private or damage your computer. Your access to these items may be suspended until you take an action”. The messy grammar in this message should be enough to make user suspicious of Windows Salvage System, but if one goes further and downloads the rogue, then there might be more problems at hand.

For example, Windows Salvage System might block various .exe files from running, claiming that they are infected and the user must fix the errors in order to ensure normal functioning of his computer. At the same time Windows Salvage System slows down the computer performance and decreases the Internet speed. Also, needless to say that the promises that this rogue makes are worth nothing, so the user must not pay for the full version of the program no matter what. Paying would only reveal vital information to third parties, and allow unauthorized access to the user’s bank account. One must keep in mind that rogues like Windows Salvage System are created for stealing money of gullible users.

In order to avoid being robbed one must remove Window Salvage System from the system without any further ado. This program tries to stay in the computer for as long as possible, so it might be difficult to get rid of it manually. If the user finds it challenging to terminate this rogue on his own, it is advisable to download the suggested antimalware program, which can delete Windows Salvage System automatically. The most important thing is to make sure that the computer is not longer infected.

In non-techie terms: Windows Salvage System is a rogue antispyware application which is created to steal money from unsuspecting users. It looks a lot like a real security program, but that is done in order to fool the users. Due to its malicious nature it is necessary to terminate Windows Salvage System at once.