Windows Safety Toolkit Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Safety Toolkit is?

If you have noticed such security notifications, as listed bellow, Windows Safety Toolkit is definitely processing in your operating Windows system. In such case, it is highly important to treat this bogus security software as potential harm to your system, because, unless you remove Windows Safety Toolkit from your PC, this fake antispyware could easily trick you into acting in favor of cyber criminals!

Firewall has blocked a program from accessing the Internet.
Windows Media Player Resources
C:\Windows\system32\dllcache\wmploc.dll is suspected to have infected your PC. This type of virus intercepts entered data and transmits them to a remote server.

Torrent Alert
Recommended: Please use secure encrypted protocol for torrent links.
Torrent link detected!
Receiving this notification means that you have violated the copyright laws. Using Torrent for downloading movies and licensed software shall be prosecuted and you may be sued for cybercrime and breach of law under the SOPA legislation.
Please register your copy of the AV to activate anonymous data transfer and protocol through the torrent link.

Potential malware detected.
It is recommended to activate protection and perform a thorough system scan to remove the malware.

You will not be able to remove these fake Windows Safety Toolkit alerts; however, it will not be the worst of the many malfunctions this malignant program will cause! First of all, you will notice decreased performance of your personal computer, which might be the first indication that Windows Safety Toolkit is secretly getting ready to attack your system. After that in progress, your access to Registry Editor and Task Manager will be restricted, you will not be able to connect to the Internet or run most executables. These Windows dysfunctions will paralyze your normal system’s running, so we advise you to apply a registration code (see bellow), which will not only remove Windows Safety Toolkit’s symptoms, but will also assist you in further removal!

Registration code:

In non-techie terms:

Windows Safety Toolkit is a tremendously malicious application, which needs to be deleted as soon as possible. It may travel through various system cracks (bundled downloads, fake online scanners, etc.), infect PC users’ systems with its truthful looking interface, and trick them into believing the good intentions of a useless Windows Safety Toolkit license. Just like previously deleted Rogue.VirusDoctor ascendants (Windows Antivirus Care, Windows Protection Unit, Windows Antibreaking system, et al.) Windows Safety Toolkit is just another cyber crooks’ instrument, used to gain profit. So, if you do not want your information collected by criminals, or your system infected with more dangerous malware, remove Windows Safety Toolkit as fast as you can, because every minute counts! We advise to use legitimate security guards for Windows Safety Toolkit’s removal, because this measure will delete all rogue’s components and will make sure to protect your system in the future! Most importantly, do not spend any money on Windows Safety Toolkit’s license, because this might put your personal safety at serious risk!

Aliases: WindowsSafetyToolkit.