Windows Safety Protection Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Safety Protection is?

Any PC infected with Windows Safety Protection rogue antispyware is heading for a slippery slope of destruction. That is because this rogue finds its roots in Fake Microsoft Security Essentials scam, and will not let up on its assault on a system until it attains its wicked goal. Windows Safety Protection was designed with the exclusive intention of ripping honest consumers off. In truth, Windows Safety Protection does not own the ability to detect, quarantine or remove any type of infection or threat, and is nothing more than a threat in itself.

Distributed via seditious Trojan horse infections Windows Safety Protection enters the system virtually undetected. It makes use of questionable infection tactics such as browser hijackers and fake online malware scanners to stealthily deliver its Trojans and malware to host PCs, and will remain dormant until such time that it starts its attack on the system.

Users who did not remove Windows Safety Protection in time complained about being unable to launch any executables on their PCs, as well as being barred from accessing the Desktop. Although this is very distressing, there does seem to be a way to fix this. Follow these instructions to restore access to your Desktop:

  1. Once the system reboot is complete, you will not be able to access the Desktop again but will instead be presented with the Windows Safety Protection startup screen. Select OK to start the Windows Safety Protection system scan
  2. While the scan is running click on the Microsoft website link
  3. This should open the Internet browser, and once the page loads click on the Red X at the top right of the screen
  4. This should allow you to close the Windows Safety Protection startup screen window and you should also be able to access your Desktop again.

These actions should now further grant you access to your Desktop again, and allow you to run any executables on your system.  Do not think by any stretch that you have now gotten rid of the threat simply by following the above instructions. You still need to destroy Windows Safety Protection in order to take back your system. Do not waste another minute before erasing Windows Safety Protection and protecting your PC against its vitriolic attack.

In non techie terms:

Windows Safety Protection is a fake security application, and cannot be trusted. This rogue security tool is not able to live up to any of its promises, and will spell more harm than good for your PC. Get rid of Windows Safety Protection while there is still time.

Aliases: WindowsSafetyProtection, WindowsSafety Protection, Windows SafetyProtection.