Windows Safety Guarantee Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Safety Guarantee is?

Despite the best efforts of the online security industry to educate its consumers on the perils of trusting rogue security tools to run unhindered on their systems, rogueware such as Windows Safety Guarantee still manages to trick users into parting with their money for rubbish software. This rogue antispyware application was designed not to live up to its over inflated promises, but simply to rip hard working and honest consumers off. Windows Safety Guarantee is a part of the well known and much despised Fake Microsoft Security Essentials scam.

Windows Safety Guarantee enters the system surreptitiously and will hide its presence from the PC owner until such time that it decides to start its attack on the system. This makes it that much more difficult to detect and destroy Windows Safety Guarantee from the system. This rogue infects PCs through seditious Trojans which are distributed via fake online malware scanners and sly browser hijackers. These browser hijackers forcefully redirect users to their compromised domains in an effort to root the Windows Safety Guarantee Trojans into their systems.

PC users who failed to eradicate Windows Safety Guarantee in time complained about various disturbing symptoms as a direct result of this rogueware. Some users complained about being unable to launch any type of program on their systems, while others were unable to access their Desktops or establish Internet connections. An overall symptom of Windows Safety Guarantee seems to be poor system performance and increased erratic system behavior. Although these symptoms are indeed distressing, there is a way to circumvent the devastating effects this rogueware has on a system and regain access to the Desktop so as to be able to find a way to effectively and permanently erase Windows Safety Guarantee from the system. Follow these instructions in order to restore access to the Desktop and Internet:

  1. Reboot your system. You will find the Windows Safety Guarantee startup screen blocking access to your Desktop. Click the “OK” button to make it go away. The malware will start a fake system scan.
  2. Wait until the scan is done. Once the scan is finished you will see another fake security notice. Click “OK” one more time.
  3. Make the notification go away by clicking on the red “X” at the right top of it.
  4. It should now disappear and you will be able to access your desktop again.

In non techie terms:

This should allow you to access your Desktop once again, and reestablish your Internet connection. Download a security tool which will effectively obliterate Windows Safety Guarantee from the system and offer adequate protection against similar future attacks and threats.

Aliases: WindowsSafetyGuarantee, WindowsSafety Guarantee, Windows SafetyGuarantee.