Windows Risk Eliminator Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Risk Eliminator is?

Should you find your PC be infected with Windows Risk Eliminator, you have real reason for concern. This rogue antispyware application is out to rip you off and cause irreparable damage in the process. Although Windows Risk Eliminator comes across as a genuine and helpful security tool, the truth is it was created with only one intention in mind, to steal your money. Windows Risk Eliminator will do anything to ensure that it successfully completes its mission, even if that means causing crippling damage to its victims’ PCs. The only way you will be able to avoid the certain devastation that follows an infection of this magnitude will be to destroy Windows Risk Eliminator before it destroys your PC.

Browser hijackers and fake online malware scanners remains some of the most popular ways Windows Risk Eliminator spreads its infection. Browser hijackers forcefully redirects users’ browsing and search sessions to their corrupt homepages, where the user’s system and browser vulnerabilities will be exploited the moment he lands on the site’s landing page. This will allow the site to infect the user’s PC with the Windows Risk Eliminator Trojan.

Once the PC is infected with Windows Risk Eliminator, it will start its attack on the system with various fake security alerts. These alerts were created to produce panic in the user, and are without any basis or merit whatsoever. It is therefore important not to pay these fake alerts any heed.

Users who did not remove Windows Risk Eliminator in time complained about being unable to launch any programs on their PCs, as well as being denied access to their Desktops. There does seem to be a way to circumvent the crippling effects of the Windows Risk Eliminator infection. Follow these instructions in order to restore access to the Desktop and to launch programs on your PC again:

  1. Once the system reboot is complete, you will not be able to access the Desktop again but will instead be presented with the Windows Risk Eliminator startup screen. Select OK to start the Windows Risk Eliminator system scan
  2. While the scan is running click on the Microsoft website link
  3. This should open the Internet browser, and once the page loads click on the Red X at the top right of the screen
  4. This should allow you to close the Windows Risk Eliminator startup screen window and you should also be able to access your Desktop again.

When all is said and done, you have to erase Windows Risk Eliminator from the system without delay. Do not hesitate one moment longer to take back what is rightfully yours.

In non techie terms:

Windows Risk Eliminator is a seditious and fake security tool. It does not have your best interests at heart, and will cause permanent damage to your system. Annihilate Windows Risk Eliminator from the system immediately.

Aliases: WindowsRisk Eliminator, Windows RiskEliminator, WindowsRiskEliminator.