Windows Recovery Series Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Recovery Series is?

Windows Recovery Series might make you think that it is a legitimate security tool; however, Windows Recovery Series was created in order to deceive people by threatening them with imaginary threats, which, in reality, might do no harm to the system. This rogue is a clone of Windows Premium Guard, Windows Efficiency Accelerator and many other bogus applications which belong to the Rogue.VirusDoctor family. Having Windows Recovery Series on the computer means that your financial data is vulnerable to cyber criminals who aim to keep Windows Recovery Series in the system unremoved for as long as possible.

If you are an alert Windows user and regularly check how your system is running, you might notice some changes. The first change that you will notice, for sure, is that you cannot use the Internet. Moreover, the Windows Task Manager will not appear on the screen when you decide to check the processes run. Some executes will also be disabled which will cause some difficulties for you to detect Windows Recovery Series and remove it from the system.

In addiction, this deceitful application will make the usage of the computer miserable by displaying useless and misleading information about your system’s security. You cannot change the settings of the notifications or remove the malicious files you are informed about as “threats”. For example, you should not attempt to delete Trojan-Malifinder or Trojan-DDos from the system, because these “threats” might not even exist on the computer. You should not trust the malicious content of all the fake notifications Windows Recovery Series displays. One of the false messages is presented below:

Please click “Remove all” button to erase all infected files and protect your PC

However, a registration key can help you disable those annoying messages and restore the processes which were stopped. The code does not mean that when you enter it, the threats disappear and that your computer is protected. The registration code is necessary to ease the removal of Windows Recovery Series.


Once you enter the key, you can proceed with a manual deletion of Windows Recovery Series. You must keep in mind that the removal of Windows Recovery Series should be performed very thoroughly, and minor errors are not justifiable, because it might result in further infections. Our recommendation for the easier deletion of Windows Recovery Series is using a legitimate antispyware tool which will eliminate the rogue.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Recovery Series is a deceitful application that does not protect your system. Its aim is to trick you and steal your money. You should remove this malware at once.

Aliases: WindowsRecoverySeries.