Windows Processes Accelerator Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Processes Accelerator is?

Windows Processes Accelerator is a malicious computer threat that poses as a reliable computer program. It merges seamlessly into the Windows XP environment, making use of Windows XP Explorer's layout, and then makes the unexperienced users think that Windows Processes Accelerator is a legitimate system extension. That is, obviously, very far from truth.

Windows Processes Accelerator IS an extension, however, but it is a new version of Windows Care Taker, Windows Custodian Utility, Windows Shielding Utility and other rogues of Rogue.VirusDoctor family. It means that Windows Processes Accelerator gets into your system in order to steal your money. Actually, the erratic computer behavior caused by the rogue can be considered to be a side effect of the infection, because the only thing Windows Processes Accelerator wants is your money.

Unfortunately, the so-called side effects of Windows Processes Accelerator's infection are terribly frustrating and they so repetitious that you basically cannot operate your computer because of them. Windows Processes Accelerator blocks your Internet browser, Registry Editor and Windows Task Manager, because these three tools, can help you to terminate rogue. However, the official version Windows Processes Accelerator presents you with is that these tools are infected with dangerous viruses and they must be blocked in order to prevent the further spread of the infection.

The annoying blocking of useful programs and tools is accompanied by such fake security notifications:

Firewall has blocked a program from accessing the Internet
C:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe
is suspected to have infected your PC. This type of virus intercepts entered data and transmits them to a remote server.

Warning! Identity theft attempt Detected
Hidden connection IP:
Target: Your passwords for sites

No matter what Windows Processes Accelerator might throw at you, you must be smarter and terminate the program immediately. It will be a lot faster if you use this activation key:


After the "registration" Windows Processes Accelerator will stop acting up for a short while and this is when you need to get yourself a legitimate antimalware tool that will help you to erase Windows Processes Accelerator for good. Do not wait until it is too late to do anything about it.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Processes Accelerator is a fake antivirus program that damages your computer and tries to steal your money. You must ignore it and remove Windows Processes Accelerator with a reliable computer safeguard program as soon as you can.