Windows Problems Solution Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Problems Solution is?

Windows Problems Solution is another trick up a long Fake Microsoft Security Essentials sleeve. It is a scam devised to make your bank account lose quite a few digits. Windows Problems Solution is a rogue system optimization application which comes from a long list of clones, including Windows Care Tool, Windows Wise Protection and Windows Software Guard. The presence of this rogue in your computer can only mean that your system is at serious risk and you should react to this threat immediately.

You will notice that you have caught Windows Problems Solution right away, because this type of rogue denies you a full access to your desktop once it is installed. After system reboot neither your icons nor your taskbar are accessible and this might seem like the end of the world, but don’t panic, you can restore your desktop if you follow these instructions:

  1. When you reboot your computer, all you can see is the rogue application. To get rid of it, click on the “OK” button. Then the rogue will start a fake system scan.
  2. Once the scan is done, you will another security notification. Click “OK” once more.
  3. You can close the notification now by clicking on the red “X” at the right top of it.
  4. The notification will disappear and you will be able to fully utilize your desktop again.

Now you have your desktop back, but don’t be relax just yet – Windows Problems Solution is still lingering in your computer. It is actually hard to tell when exactly it enters your system. Normally, the rogue slides in via Trojan infection. You should also take notice of fake online scanner sites or browser hijackers, because they could also be hosting Windows Problems Solution. Whichever way you might get infection; don’t ever believe anything the rogue tells you. It was created with one single purpose, that is, to rip you off. It pretends to be a reliable security tool when in reality it is nothing but a pesky parasite, eager to steal you hard earned money. Don’t pay attention to any notification that the rogue throws at you, and eradicate Windows Problems Solution from your computer as soon as possible.

In non techie terms:

Windows Problems Solution is a false security tool, which will try to convince that your system is at risk and you need to purchase the full version of the program in order to clean your computer. Don’t fall victim to this parasite and eliminate Windows Problems Solution at once.

Aliases: WindowsProblemsSolution, WindowsProblems Solution, Windows ProblemsSolution.