Windows Optimization & Security Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Optimization & Security is?

Despite various attempts by computer security professionals it seems that rogue makers are almost succeeding in their efforts to trick innocent user's and obtain their hard earned money. Windows Optimization & Security is yet another example of one of the latest rogue antispyware applications that have are lurking around the internet at this current point in time and which is waiting to gain access over your computer system.

You should watch out for false system scans, false system scan report results as well as false computer security notifications. Now all of these may appear real and may make use of the graphical user interface from real software but this is just a part of the big plan which Windows Optimization & Security makes use of in order to trick. It is best to not fall for anything which is associated to Windows Optimization & Security, for if you do you are going to find that you have less money than you before but more computer problems than you ever dreamed about.

You should also acknowledge the unfortunate factor that Windows Optimization & Security is going to prove extremely difficult to remove off your system. This fake software blocks entrance to the desktop and will also stop you from running any computer program. You must kill this program in the task manager and then delete Windows Optimization & Security completely.

In non techie terms: You should never purchase the full version of Windows Optimization & Security, because it is not real and you are only going to land up with a smaller bank balance and additional computer problems which may prove extremely difficult to get off your computer system. Nothing positive will every come from Windows Optimization & Security.

Aliases: Windows Optimization Security, WindowsOptimizationSecurity