Windows Emergency System Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Emergency System is?

Windows Emergency System has a nice sounding name, but that is probably all that is nice to it. This software product is a rogue system optimization application which brings terror and destruction to the computer systems of innocent users. Windows Emergency System is well-equipped to terrorize unsuspecting users, because it comes with a notorious background. This rogue is a part of the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials fraud and its predecessors include such pests as Windows Remedy, Windows Error Correction, Windows Efficiency Magnifier and alike. Unfortunately, this family of rogues recently has been quite successfully plaguing the computers of innocent users.

This rogue shares one alarming features with its forerunners in that it can effectively block your desktop. Windows Emergency System tries hard to remain in your system and the application does not allow you access either your icons or your taskbar. To regain access to your desktop, please follow these instructions:

  1. You need to reboot your computer and then wait until there’s a rogue application displayed on your screen. It will disappear when you click the “OK” button.
  2. Windows Emergency System will start a fake system scan. Wait for it to be done and when another notification appears click the “OK” button again.
  3. Now you can make the notification go away by clicking on the red “X” at the right top of it.
  4. When the notification vanishes, your desktop should be restored.

Along with the blocked access to your desktop, Windows Emergency System also has the usual set of symptoms, which are common to similar computer system parasites. When it is installed in your computer, the rogue will be sure to bombard you with fake security notifications, indicating that you have numerous threats in your computer. Naturally, the only threat that you have at the moment is Windows Emergency System and all the messages that you receive from it are fake. They are fabricated in order to make you panic. When you are in the state of shock you are more inclined to follow the orders of this despicable pest.

Windows Emergency System has been designed with only one target in mind that is – financial gain. This rogue will try to convince that you need to pay for the full version of the program, because only the full version of Windows Emergency System would be able to safeguard your computer from any threat possible. BUT, were you to expose your credit card number to these criminals, you might as well say goodbye to your financial funds, because they will be able to access your bank account anytime. Protect yourself and your computer from this double threat – acquire a reliable security tool which would help you to erase Windows Emergency System once and for all.

In non techie terms:

Windows Emergency System is a rogue antispyware application. This malicious threat masquerades as a genuine security program in order to rip unsuspecting users off. Don’t become one of its victims and remove Windows Emergency System from your computer at once.

Aliases: WindowsEmergencySystem.