Windows Debugging Center Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Debugging Center is?

Windows Debugging Center is a rogue antispyware program which will rip you off before you even know it. The creators of this rogue are the best at what they do and do not give up easily, when they know that making easy money can be this simple. Windows Debugging Center tries to make you buy the full version of the program, making you think that this piece of software will be an answer to all your security problems, as you have a computer which is suffering from severe infections.

However, these infections really do not exist in your computer, because they are generated by none the other but Windows Debugging Center itself. The rogue gets into your system via Trojan infection and then starts meddling with your system performance at the same time blaming non-existent infection for the problems you are experiencing. What you have to realize is that there are no viruses or errors in your computer save for Windows Debugging Center so you must not pay for this program no matter what.

When you see Windows Debugging Center’s purchase window right in front of you, you should know that you are in deep trouble already. So when this rogue asks you to give away your name, last name, address, credit card number, expiration date and the CVV2. Once you fill in the blanks and submit it to the creators of Windows Debugging Center, you might as well consider your money as good as gone. In order to avoid the gravest consequences of this fraud you need to contact your bank immediately and inform them about the scam. Then the bank will be able to limit the access to your account and it will prevent ultimate extortion of your hard-earned money.

If that weren’t enough, Windows Debugging Center also damages your computer. It can prevent you from opening certain programs, saying that they are infected and they must be closed, to stop the infection from spreading further. This rogue also can cause your computer to run slowly, and meddle with your Internet connection. Therefore you need to get rid of this infection as soon as possible. It might be hard to remove Windows Debugging Center on your own, so you are advised to download the suggested malware removal tool and terminate the rogue automatically.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Debugging Center is a fake antivirus program. It creates and onslaught of fake security messages in your computer, making it work slower than usual. Windows Debugging Center blames this on the infections that do not exist in your system. It only needs your money, so must eliminate Windows Debugging Center from your computer right now.

Aliases: WindowsDebuggingCenter.