Windows Cleaning Toolkit Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Cleaning Toolkit is?

It has been discovered that Windows Cleaning Toolkit is a rogue anti-spyware program which may affect operating Windows systems. The threat could potentially block the running on the many executable files to disturb the running of Task Manager or Registry Editor and to block you from connecting to the web so that you could not delete the infection easily. Nonetheless, it is a must that you delete Windows Cleaning Toolkit from the computer because this infection could use various tricks to convince you into believing something that is not true! If you do not remove the threat quickly there is a great chance that you will be fooled into giving up your money or your Windows security will be breached by other clandestine infections. Neither of these outcomes is what you want happening.

The clandestine Windows Cleaning Toolkit looks exactly like Windows Expert Console, Windows Protection Maintenance, Windows Anti-Malware Patch and similar infections. Do you know why the interfaces of these threats look almost identical? It is because they probably have been created by the same cyber criminals and they belong to the infamous Rogue.VirusDoctor faction. These threats use deception and different tricks to convince you that seriously malicious threats are running on the PC. The clandestine application may indicate that the system is infected with tens of malicious threats which should be removed with the assistance of the activated Windows Cleaning Toolkit version. Whether you are running a trial version or you have already purchased the full version there is no doubt that your virtual security is in grave danger. The program cannot detect or delete real computer threats because its main task is to get your money not to safeguard the PC. Therefore, you should completely ignore such statements:

Warning! Your computer is at risk!

Recommended: Please click “Remove all” button to erase all infected files and protect your PC

Different pop-ups, notifications and recommendations linked to the fictitious malware detection and removal tool should be ignored at all times. If you click these pop-ups, any of the represented buttons or navigate to such presented tools as Firewall or Automatic Updates it is likely that you will be routed to the Windows Cleaning Toolkit purchase page. Wasting your money on some unreliable program is not what you should perform, and so all you have to worry about right now is rogue’s removal. Note that you need to remove Windows Cleaning Toolkit even if you have already purchased its fictitious full version.

Even though some computer users can delete rogues and other potentially existing malware manually, most Windows users are inexperienced for this complicated task, which is why we suggest having Windows Cleaning Toolkit deleted by automatic malware removal software. Click the download button below to install an authentic program which will delete all threats and ensure that schemers cannot attack your personal computer in the future.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Cleaning Toolkit is a fake AV program which pretends to act as an authentic Windows security tool to trick you into purchasing its full version which is meant to help you remove all of the supposedly attacking computer infections. All of the threats indicated by the fake scanner are false positives and the infection which you need to delete right now is the rogue anti-spyware. We advise utilizing automatic malware detection and removal software to ensure that the threat is deleted from the PC successfully.

Aliases: WindowsCleaningToolkit.