Windows Care Taker Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Care Taker is?

Windows Care Taker is certainly not a program that will take care of your system. On the contrary – it is a dangerous rogue antispyware application that will cripple your computer to the point of no return if you do nothing about it. Windows Care Taker belongs to the Rogue.VirusDoctor family of malicious computer threats and it replaces other notorious infections, such as Windows Custodian Utility, Windows Shielding Utility, Windows Warding System and many more. In a sense, Windows Care Taker does not differ from its predecessors (save for its name), and you can expect the rogue to plague with the same frustrating infection symptoms as the previous rogues.

First and foremost, right when Windows Care Taker gets into your system, it inserts a new subkey into the registry and because of that it loads every single time you turn on your computer. When Windows Care Taker starts, it performs a fake system scan and “finds” a lot of viruses in your system. It then blames those “viruses” for the erratic computer behavior you are experiencing. It says that slow computer, data theft and the inability to load the Internet browser is induced by the supposed “infections”. Windows Care Taker’s claims are reinforced by the following fake security messages:

Attempt to modify registry key entries detected. Registry entry analysis is recommended.

Warning! Identity theft attempt Detected
Hidden connection IP:
Target: Your passwords for sites

There is no need to tell you that everything Windows Care Taker tells you is a lie. It only wants you to purchase the program in order to swindle you out of your money. Upon the purchase you reveal your credit information to a third party and then the criminals behind this rogue can easily access your bank account to perform other illegal operations. Close Windows Care Taker’s purchase window immediately and do remove it from your system.

The removal might seem to be tricky, because Windows Care Taker denies access to Windows Task Manager and Registry Editor, but you can make the rogue “think” you have acquired the license by “registering” it with this activation key:


Once the rogue thinks it has fooled you into buying the worthless product, you have to act fast and acquire a trustworthy computer safeguard application which would help you to erase Windows Care Taker for good. You can also try the manual rogue removal if you are a computer expert, but it is a time-consuming and tedious task. Therefore, it is better to leave the removal to a professional computer program.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Care Taker is a fake antivirus program that needs to extort your financial information in order to steal your money. It also damages your computer so you must remove Windows Care Taker before it manages to achieve its goal.

Aliases: WindowsCareTaker.

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    How can I get reimbursed for buying into this scam?