Windows AV Component Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows AV Component is?

Windows AV Component is a fake antivirus program, which pretends to be able to fix nonexistent errors in your computer. This rogue antispyware belongs to the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials fraud and there are many rogues which have come before bearing exactly the same interface and the same functions. Those are Windows Cleaning Tool, Windows Steady Work, Windows Necessary Firewall and many others. It would take more than one paragraph to name them all. It just shows how diligent the creators of Windows AV Component are in achieving their goal, and the main aim of anyone distributing rogue is money and money only.

This rogue slithers into your computer via Trojan infection, which is easy to catch while you click on flash advertisement or open some infected website. Most of the time the Trojan download starts automatically and it does not require your permission to install itself in your system. In case of Windows AV Component, when the infection makes itself known, it declares that you have been infected by unknown Trojan, and then it prompts you to perform a quick system scan. Following everything Windows AV Component says, you will end up downloading and installing this rogue into your computer.

Then you will notice a series of fake security messages being sent to you, saying that your security is at risk and there are many viruses in your system, which does not allow your computer to function properly. Windows AV Component will surely slow down your computer’s performances, making it seem as if this is happening because of the supposed “viruses” which you should remove at once using none the other but Windows AV Component. If a user is not very experienced it is easy for him to start believing that the rogue is a legitimate program, but that leads to one thing – robbery.

Windows AV Component wants only your money, and if you click on “Fix Errors” button on its interface, you will be redirected to the rogue’s purchase page, and there you will be required to enter your name, last name, credit card number and expiration date among other things. With this data at hand, the hackers behind Windows AV Component will be able to access your bank account anytime, so you need to remove Windows AV Component from your system.

In non-techie terms:

Windows AV Component is a rogue antispyware program which damages your computer in order to steal your money. You must terminate Windows AV Component either manually or automatically, although automatic removal is recommended for those who are less computer-savvy.

Aliases: WindowsAVComponent.