Windows Anticrashes Utility Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Anticrashes Utility is?

Windows Anticrashes Utility strikes as something suspicious even for seemingly the most innocent reason – its title. The creators of this rogue antispyware might consider themselves very inventive as they put two words (anti and crashes) together without a hyphen in between, but in the end it results into a word which looks strange and unreliable, just like the program itself.

This rogue is a part of the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials scam, and it has a whole list of forerunners behind its back, including Windows Necessary Firewall, Windows Risks Preventions, Windows Troubles Solver and so on. All these rogues share an identical interface, which means they also employ the same methods to achieve their purpose. The goal of Windows Anticrashes Utility is just as its predecessors: it needs your money.

This rogue has a wide distribution network, which means that it can enter your system using browser hijackers, Trojan infections, spam emails, fake online video codecs many other means of infiltration. The important thing is that you can still stop this infection from spreading further if you close the very first alert message that you receive, saying that an Unknown Win 32/Trojan has been “detected” in your computer. Of course, if you close it, it doesn’t mean that the problem has been taken care of. Windows Anticrashes Utility remains in the computer and continues to send the fake messages until most of the users run out of their patience and clicks on “OK” button, unfortunately, downloading and installing the rogue.

Windows Anticrashes Utility looks like a legitimate security program for a reason – it needs to build trust in unsuspecting computer users so that they would have no second thoughts about spending their money on the full version of the rogue. Then, once the user’s banking information is revealed to the criminals behind Windows Anticrashes Utility, the rogue will have served its purpose, because the user’s bank account will be made accessible, and the hackers will be able to steal the money whenever they wish.

Due to such dangerous future prospects the user must terminate Windows Anticrashes Utility before he even reaches to the purchase page. It can be done either manually or automatically, but since the manual removal requires the user to delete all the Windows Anticrashes Utility’s files by himself, if the user is not completely sure how his system works, it is best to leave the removal to an automatic antimalware program. It will delete Windows Anticrashes Utility and safeguard the computer against future infections.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Anticrashes Utility is a rogue antispyware application which pretends to be a real security program. This computer threat slows down the system processes and aims at the user’s money, so one must remove Windows Anticrashes Utility from the computer as soon as possible.

Aliases: WindowsAnticrashesUtility.