Windows Activity Inspector Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Activity Inspector is?

With the increase in rogue security tools flooding the market, it can become rather difficult even for experienced users to distinguish between genuine and fake security tools, as is evident with Windows Activity Inspector. This rogue antispyware applications forms part of the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials scam, and finds its roots in the same family of rogues as Windows Tweaking Utility and Windows Tasks Optimizer. Users will not be aware of Windows Activity Inspector’s presence on the system until it’s too late, thanks to its clandestine infiltration of the system.

It enters the system through the anticipated route of bogus online malware scanners, and seditious browser hijackers. These browser hijackers will forcefully redirect users’ browsing and search sessions to their compromised landing pages, where fine-tuned drive-by download tactics will be employed to subversively root the Windows Activity Inspector infection into the prospective host PC. It will also attempt to exploit any system and browser vulnerability to achieve this.

The first clue the user will have as to the presence of Windows Activity Inspector on the system will come from the rogue initiating a fake system scan, once it securely roots itself. This scan will yield all fake positives, claiming the system is being overrun by harmful and potentially crippling infections. Some of the threats it reports on includes as Backdoor.Win32.Rbot and Unknown Win32/Trojan. What is important never to forget is the fact that all correspondence received from Windows Activity Inspector is extremely suspect, and should be considered as such.

It will further go on to spam its victim with various falsely generated security messages and reports, in an effort to further scare and frustrate the user into paying for Windows Activity Inspector’s worthless products. These pop up messages will be relentless, as will the other symptoms associated with this rogue, which include blocked Internet connections and poor system performance.

If you suspect infection, take back what is rightfully yours and get rid of Windows Activity Inspector immediately. This can best and safest be achieved by making use of a genuine security tool which will also protect your system against similar future attacks.

In non techie terms:

Windows Activity Inspector is a fake security tool, only out to steal your money and damage your system. Destroy Windows Activity Inspector immediately to limit the damage this rogue will cause your PC.

Aliases: WindowsActivityInspector.