Win Scanner Removal Guide

Do you know what Win Scanner is?

Win Scanner continues to trick countless inexperienced PC owners into believing that it’s actually a helpful and legitimate system optimizer. This is simply not the case, as it’s been determined by all major online security companies that Win Scanner is indeed a rogue system optimizer. Users who value their PCs’ safety and privacy need to get rid of Win Scanner immediately. Win Scanner spreads via the help of illicit websites aimed at being a vehicle for this incredulous rogueware. Trojan horse and malware infections also carry the Win Scanner infection. Users who did not delete Win Scanner in time have reported on varying symptoms, including being unable to connect to the Internet and security websites to not being allowed to launch legitimate executables. Increased system erratic behaviour and slowed system performance has also been reported on.

In non techie terms:

In order to limit the seriously devastating potential damage Win Scanner poses to any system, you need to take proactive steps. Permanently erase Win Scanner from your PC without delay.

Aliases: WinScanner