Win Antispyware Center Removal Guide

Do you know what Win Antispyware Center is?

Win Antispyware Center is the latest in scams! Pretending to be a spyware remover, this application has one primary objective: to scare its victims into purchasing its licensed version. Win Antispyware Center doesn’t deviate much from the typical and most widely practiced tactics of PC parasite infiltration. Win Antispyware Center tends to use affiliated backdoor Trojans, usually Trojan Vundo or Zlob, in order to ensure hidden penetration into the targeted machine is successful. Once inside the designated system, Win Antispyware Center will obscurely creates hundreds of fake malware entities in the infiltrated system. Once this is done, Win Antispyware Center will then “detect” these dummy files and ensure the unsuspecting user, you, think it’s high time you removed all the reported malware.

In non-techie terms

Don’t fall for this scam! Instead – one is encouraged to delete Win Antispyware Center as soon as it has been detected within a computer system.

Aliases: WinAntispywareCenter, WinAntispyware Center, Win AntispywareCenter.