Win 8 Defender 2013 Removal Guide

Do you know what Win 8 Defender 2013 is?

Win 8 Defender 2013 will make you reconsider your browsing habits and actions you do online, because this fake security tool infects the computer through compromised websites, online scanners, spam email attachments and other infiltration channels. In the system, it accesses the Registry, creates new registry entries causing system malfunctions and uses a variety of scare methods to convince its victims to spend money on its worthless full version, which should never acquire but removed Win 8 Defender 2013 from the PC.

As a trial or demo version, the rogue scans the computer and displays imaginary threats that are presented as very dangerous. The information about their presence in the system is also given in simulated pop-up warnings, some of which are as follows:

Security breach!
Beware! Spyware infection was found. Your system security is at risk. Private information may get stolen, and your PC activity may get monitored. Click for an anti-spyware scan

Click Register to register your copy of Win 8 Defender 2013 and perform threat removal on your system. The list of infections
and vulnerabilities detected will become available after registration

Virus infection!
System security was found to be compromised. Your computer is now infected. Attention, irreversible system changes may occur. Private data may get stolen. Click here now for an instant anti-virus scan

As the ultimate goal of the threat is to make the user pay money in order to active the program and remove imaginary infections, ignore the attempts of the rogue to deceive you. Therefore, pay no attention to the scans, the infections given, the information presented in the sections of Internet Security, Proactive Defence or Firewall, because the information there is simulated.

To hasten you to waste your money on the worthless application, Win 8 Defender 2013 will throw the PC into disorder. For example, you may notice that the computer is not running normally or some programs are impossible to open. Additionally, you may face some difficulties while trying to access the Internet, because the tool may disable Internet Explorer and other browsers to stop you from accessing the Internet and download a spyware removal tool.

However, you can download, for instance, SpyHunter easily if you register the rogue with this key: 3425-814615-3990. After having completed the registration, get a reliable anti-spyware tool and remove Win 8 Defender 2013.

In non-techie terms:

Win 8 Defender 2013 must be removed from the PC soon after spotting it, because this fraudulent application applies different scare tactics to deceive unsuspecting users into buying a full version of the program. As loon as the program is in the system, the computer cannot operate normally, which causes a lot of inconvenience. After the removal, the computer’s settings are back to normal.

Aliases: Win 8 Defender.