Win 7 Internet Security Pro 2013 Removal Guide

Do you know what Win 7 Internet Security Pro 2013 is?

Win 7 Internet Security Pro 2013 is a fake AV program which can sneak in the system through the system loopholes and cause a lot of trouble. This unwanted application has been designed to deceive computer users into acquiring its non-functional full version which you should not buy because all of its operations are simulated, which is why the fake application has to be removed.

It has been noticed that this type of threats are getting popular because more and more rogue security tools are found on the Internet. For example, malware researchers are already familiar with such rogue anti-spyware tool as Win 7 Antivirus Pro 2013, Win 7 Security 2013, Win 7 Defender 2013 and others.

The fake tool is generated by a Trojan infection whose mission is to swindle you out of a great sum of money. Do you have Win 7 Internet Security Pro 2013 on your PC? Does it claim that your PC is infected with Kot.b, Virus.BAT.8Fish, DoS.Win32.DieWar or other threats? Do not trust this malicious application, because its aim is to trick you. Hence you should also pay no attention to its fake security alerts:

Threat detected!
Security alert! Your computer was found to be infected with privacy-threathening software. Private data may get stolen and system damage may be severe. Recover your PC from the infection right now, perform a security scan.

The only threat that can lead you to money loss is Win 7 Internet Security Pro 2013, which you should remove from the system if you want to get rid of annoying pop-ups and simulated scans and solve the system performance related issues.

The easiest way to terminate the infection is to delete it by using a professional spyware removal tool. Our  team recommends that you use SpyHunter because this powerful anti-spyware can remove all the components of the threat and protect the system against future malware attacks.

Before the removal, try using one of these activation keys in order to disable the pop-up messages: 1089-903874-1875 or 3425-814615-3990. If you have any questions, contact our team by leaving a comment below and we will respond as soon as we can.

In non-techie terms:

Win 7 Internet Security Pro 2013 is a rogue anti-spyware tool which will try to prompt you to buy its falsified licensed version. If you do not want to lose your money, do not buy it but remove the infection from the system right now. To do this, use SpyHunter, which will make sure that the threat is removed completely.

Aliases: Win 7 Security Pro 2013.