Whitesmoke Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what Whitesmoke Toolbar is?

Whitesmoke Toolbar is a browser plug-in that allows user to translate short sentences in a flash. This product is supposed to offer the best online translation service there is, but users who have installed Whitesmoke Toolbar have been complaining about the inability to remove it and other suspicious occurrences that could be linked back to Whitesmoke Toolbar.

Although Whitesmoke Toolbar does have a website and it does infect computers with malware intentionally, it still presents a list of frustrating symptoms that no one would want to go through. For example, despite the fact that Whitesmoke Toolbar does translate web content, it also tracks user's browsing activity and displays various pop-up advertisements that might be related to malicious websites.

Whitesmoke Toolbar is also known to redirect user searches to affiliated websites, that sometimes cannot offer what the user is looking for. What is more, if the website your are being redirected to is related to malicious software, you might get infected with Trojans and rogue antispyware in process. It is especially relevant when Whitesmoke Toolbar comes with bundled software and is installed without user's knowledge. For example, if you are installing some video codec and it has Whitesmoke Toolbar file within its setup then you will end up having this plug-in as well.

The most important thing is that Whitesmoke Toolbar is a dubious potentially unwanted program that should be removed from the computer just in case it could be related other malware. Manual removal is rather tricky, especially as this plug-in does not have an uninstall utility. Acquire a computer safeguard application that will consider this plug-in a threat and remove Whitesmoke Toolbar automatically. Do not risk having it in your system any longer.

In non-techie terms:

Whitesmoke Toolbar is an application that supplements Internet browser and offers automatic translation service. However, this plug-in also generates unwanted advertisements and redirects user's searches, so the sooner you remove Whitesmoke Toolbar the better.

Aliases: WhitesmokeToolbar.