Webhome-page.com Removal Guide

Do you know what Webhome-page.com is?

Webhome-page.com does not seem to generate much traffic, so it is possible that the browser hijacker is not yet widely distributed. However, if you ever come across it, you should know what to expect from it. Thus, we advise you to read our article and learn not only about its working manner but also find out how to get rid of the application if it hijacks the browser. The removal instructions placed below the article should guide you through the manual deletion process step by step, but if it seems too difficult, you can use a reputable antimalware tool as well. As for more details about the threat, we urge you to read the rest of the text.

So far it is difficult to say if the application’s creators have already started to distribute it or not. Nonetheless, since the search engine seems to be quite similar to other browser hijackers we have already tested, we can think of at least a couple of ways Webhome-page.com could be spread. Perhaps the most popular method is to bundle such applications with other software and distribute their installers through suspicious file-sharing web pages.

Therefore, one of the best ways to stay away from browser hijackers or other similar programs is to avoid file-sharing sites. A Much better alternative would be the official software’s website or any other legitimate and trustworthy web page. Additionally, we would also suggest you avoid suspicious advertisements, which could suggest unreliable applications or do a little research before installing freeware to avoid accepting any untrustworthy programs.Webhome-page.com Removal GuideWebhome-page.com screenshot
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The installation of this threat might change particular browser settings, for example, your default search engine, homepage, or new tab page. Before searching with Webhome-page.com users should know that it could show them modified Yahoo search results. Meaning when you type a keyword and click Enter the site may redirect you from Webhome-page.com to search.yahoo.com. Still, the results users receive might be influenced or to be more precise modified by the browser hijacker. It means the search engine could provide you with additional content, such as pop-ups, banners, or other advertisements from the software’s third-party partners.

The downside is that the browser hijacker’s ads could come from unreliable sources. For instance, they might redirect you to sites promoting other suspicious applications supported with advertising, e.g. adware, potentially unwanted programs, different browser hijackers either from the same or other creators and so on. Some of the ads might be even more dangerous as they may lead to web pages containing viruses, ransomware, and other harmful malware. As you realize the program is not unique or irreplaceable. In fact, we have no doubt that you know much safer search engines you could replace Webhome-page.com with, e.g. yahoo.com, google.com, and other. Naturally, for the computer’s security, we would advise our readers to erase the application before something bad happens.

Since we do not know much about the application yet, at the moment, we could suggest a browser reset to get rid of Webhome-page.com. If you are not sure how to complete this task, the removal guide below will show you how to reset such browsers as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. In addition, we would advise users to scan the system with a reliable antimalware tool to check if the browser hijacker was completely deleted and see if there are any other threats on the computer. Also, if you do not like the idea that you would have to reset the browser, you could use the antimalware tool right from the start. In this case, simply install the antimalware software, launch it, and click the deletion button after you do a full system scan.

Eliminate Webhome-page.com

Internet Explorer

  1. Press the given combination Alt+X and select Internet Options.
  2. Pick the Advanced tab and click Reset.
  3. Then select Delete personal settings, press Reset again and click Close.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Find and press the Help icon located on the top-left corner.
  2. Choose Troubleshooting information and press Refresh Firefox.
  3. Then select Refresh Firefox again and click Finish.

Google Chrome

  1. Press the provided combination Alt+F and choose Settings.
  2. Slide below and select Show advanced settings.
  3. Scroll below again, then press Reset Settings, and click Reset.

In non-techie terms:

Webhome-page.com is a suspicious application that might use a modified Yahoo search engine to show you results with additional advertising content. It is important to know that the extra advertisements could originate from unfamiliar third-party web pages and consequently users might be redirected to unreliable or malicious websites. For example, such sites could contain installers of similar threats as the browser hijacker or malware. Thus, if you encounter the search engine, we would advise you to erase it from the system either with the removal guide placed above or with reputable antimalware software.