Web Security App Removal Guide

Do you know what Web Security App is?

There are many unsafe places on the Internet, and Web Security App says it will alert you whenever you visit a malicious website. But this program itself may display you ads with redirect links to infected pages. Web Security App only hides behind sweet-sounding promises, but it is an adware application that should be removed from your system. The application is supported by unreliable third parties, and any third-party content you may encounter while using this program could be crucial to your system.

Probably you have no idea how this adware application has found a place on your device. This is because Web Security App is distributed in bundles with freeware applications. We always recommend that people download everything only from official distributors and do not use file sharing websites. Of course, it is possible to deselect all the unwanted applications that come together with the downloaded program. Unfortunately, only a minority of Internet users share this useful habit. Others skip the pages of the installation wizard without paying any attention to what is written there.Web Security App Removal GuideWeb Security App screenshot
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During the tests conducted in our internal laboratory, we have found a very interesting thing about Web Security App. We decided to take a closer look at such documents as the EULA, and the Privacy Policy of this application. What caused our surprise is that both these texts were identical to the similar documents of Harvest Savings. The latter application was also recently reviewed by us. One application is meant to increase your browsing security and the other to help you find the best promotional codes. But in reality, all they do is show you ads thus trying to be profitable for their creators.

Harvest Savings is not the only application identical to Web Security App. The latter program is a clone of ProShopper, Sliding Coupons, and some other adware applications. All of them may show you banners, pop-ups, and video targeted ads. Those advertisements may offer to buy goods that look useful to you. This is because those program spy on you using cookies and gather information on the things you search on the Web. You should be aware that Web Security App works with third parties and discloses information it collects about you to them. If the abovementioned third parties use your personal data for their illicit goals, it is only you who takes all the risks. Moreover, by clicking on any ad provided by the adware program, you will enter the territory where rules of unknown third parties are applied. And Web Security App is not responsible for any possible outcome you may face while continuing to use the program.

The usual way of eliminating undesirable applications through Control Panel works with Web Security App as well. You will find it as a very simple task in case you follow our guide. But other malicious programs that may already be on your computer are not so easy to deal with. You will need a trustworthy defensive tool that will help you eliminate all the threats. Please have in mind that new infections are created on a daily basis, so your antimalware scanner should be always updated to the latest version.

How to remove Web Security App

Windows 7 or Windows Vista

  1. Access the Start menu and open Control Panel.
  2. Go to Uninstall a program and remove Web Security App.

Windows XP

  1. Click the Windows logo in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. Open Control Panel and access Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Eliminate Web Security App.

Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

  1. Right-click the Windows logo on the Taskbar.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Open Uninstall a program and get rid of Web Security App.

Windows 10

  1. Simultaneously press the Windows key + X.
  2. Click on Programs and Features.
  3. Uninstall Web Security App.

In non-techie terms:

Web Security App is a program that should be deleted from your system as soon as you find out about its presence. The application does not fulfill its promise to protect you from entering infected websites. Moreover, you may find yourself on malicious pages in case you use the application. Ads generated by Web Security App may contain redirect links that lead to websites controlled by untrustworthy third parties. Elimination of this program would prevent you from many potential online problems.