Wannacryv2 Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Wannacryv2 Ransomware is?

Wannacryv2 Ransomware is not associated with the infamous WannaCry Ransomware. It has turned out that it is only a copycat of this older ransomware infection. They even look completely different, but they both lock personal files on affected computers. As the analysis of the threat has shown, it can lock almost all files it finds on the computer, but it recognizes and does not affect any Windows files. Evidently, it has not been developed by cyber criminals to ruin users’ computers. Usually, ransomware infections are released seeking to obtain money from users, but, surprisingly, Wannacryv2 Ransomware does not drop a ransom note, which suggests that the ransomware infection is still in the development phase, or it is nothing else than a test. Unfortunately, as mentioned, you will still find your files ruined if you ever encounter this malicious application. Luckily, there is a way to unlock them without a special decryptor, so if Wannacryv2 Ransomware ever affects your files, decrypt them the first thing and then delete the infection. Theoretically, this infection may be updated in the future. If you suspect that you have encountered an updated version of the threat (e.g. it drops a ransom note with demands), you must delete it immediately as well. Do not even think about sending a ransom to cyber criminals in this case.

It seems that Wannacryv2 Ransomware has not been finished yet because it does not drop a ransom note demanding money. Also, once it locks files on a victim’s computer, it shows a small pop-up window with a message that informs that files were locked and how long it took to encrypt them. All encrypted files will be marked with a filename extension .wannacryv2, so you could say which of your files have been affected by ransomware without any problem. You could not purchase a decryptor because the ransomware infection does not demand a ransom, but do not worry – you do not need it to unlock your files. Your files will be unlocked after you enter the unlock code 123qwe in the box that will show up after you launch the wanna cry v2 decryptor.exe program dropped on your computer by the ransomware infection. Alternatively, files encrypted by the ransomware infection can be restored from a backup. Make sure that you erase this threat from your PC before you restore your files. Needless to say, you cannot delete wanna cry v2 decryptor.exe from your system if you are going to unlock your files by entering the special unlock code.Wannacryv2 Ransomware Removal GuideWannacryv2 Ransomware screenshot
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Wannacryv2 Ransomware is, without a doubt, not a prevalent malicious application because it is still in the development phase. As mentioned, there are a few signs showing that this threat has not been finished yet. First, it does not drop a ransom note, it opens a small pop-up window users should not see, and, finally, it does not connect to the Internet, meaning that it does not communicate with its C&C server as well. Even though Wannacryv2 Ransomware is not among the threats actively distributed by cyber criminals, you should still know how ransomware infections are usually spread so that you could prevent them from entering your system. First of all, they are usually distributed via spam emails. The second most common distribution method is insecure RDP connections. To be more specific, cyber criminals hack them and then drop malware onto users’ computers without their knowledge and permission. Last but not least, careless users might allow malicious software to enter their computers themselves. We hope that you are not one of them, but if you consider yourself a rather careless computer user, you should at least install reliable security software if you are not going to quit bad habits.

You should, first, decrypt your files, i.e. enter the given unlock code and only then erase Wannacryv2 Ransomware fully. If you erase its components first, you could no longer enter the code. Use instructions provided below if you feel that you need some help.

How to remove Wannacryv2 Ransomware

  1. Open wanna cry v2 decryptor.exe dropped on your Desktop.
  2. Type the unlock key and click OK: 123qwe.
  3. Once files are unlocked, delete wanna cry v2 decryptor.exe right away.
  4. Remove a recently launched malicious file.
  5. Empty Recycle Bin.
  6. Scan your system with an antimalware scanner.

In non-techie terms:

Wannacryv2 Ransomware is the newest threat discovered by our malware researchers. Specialists found evidence that this threat is still in development, but, unfortunately, this does not mean that it will not touch your personal files if it ever finds a way to your system. Ransomware infections lock users’ files and then demand a ransom. Wannacryv2 Ransomware did not do that at the time of research, but it does not mean that the malicious application cannot be updated soon.