Vurten Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Vurten Ransomware is?

If your operating system was attacked by Vurten Ransomware, the first thing you might be asking yourself is how this infection slithered in. Unfortunately, that is a question that is extremely hard to answer. The threat might have been concealed as a harmless file that you found attached to a misleading spam email. You also could have let it in when downloading unreliable software represented via an unreliable source. The infection might have many different ways of attacking the operating system, but it always acts the same way once it is in. According to our research, the threat does not create any files – except for the TXT file that we discuss later – and it is likely to run from its original location. Although one .exe file might be responsible for the entire situation, that does not mean that the infection is not powerful. Continue reading to find out more, as well as to learn how to delete Vurten Ransomware.

One way to figure out if Vurten Ransomware has invaded your operating system is by checking your personal files. If you find photos (e.g., .jpg), documents (e.g., .doc, .pdf), archives (e.g., .zip), and other personal files with the “.improves” extension appended to their names, you can rest assured that this is the threat you are dealing with. According to the latest information, this malicious ransomware is set to encrypt over 200 different types of personal files. You can also learn about the existence of the malicious Vurten Ransomware via the UNCRYPT.README.txt file. This is the ransom note that is created by the threat to explain the demands of cyber criminals who created it. It is suggested that you can recover data only you send 10,000 USD in Bitcoins to the 1Ln9RxSRuDqqFhCTuqBPBKRMeyhVhRaUG4 bitcoin wallet. Needless to say, it belongs to cyber criminals. According to the note, you will receive “decryption software” if you pay the ransom in 7 days and then email to confirm it. You should not expect cyber criminals to keep their promises. Instead, you should focus on the removal of the infection.

If you paid the humongous ransom, theoretically, you should get a decryptor, but the reality is that you are most likely to be left empty-handed. Are your personal files worth the risk? Even if you think they are, you need to think very carefully if you want to succumb to the demands of vicious cyber crooks. Also, what about backups? You might have your most important documents and photos backed up, and if that is the case, you should not waste any more time to initiate the removal of Vurten Ransomware. If you do not use backups, you might want to start doing that once you clean your system. Storing your files in external backups can protect you from malicious ransomware and other kinds of infections. Also, you would be able to keep your files if you lost your computer, or if the hard drive was damaged. Overall, there are plenty of reasons to use a backup, and none why you shouldn’t.

Your operating system is weak if the malicious Vurten Ransomware managed to get in without being caught and deleted in time. That means that it is time for you to install reliable security software, and there is no time more perfect than now. If you install it, it will also automatically remove Vurten Ransomware and other threats if they exist. If that is not your preferred method of removal, you might choose to get rid of the infection manually. Just remember that the name and the location of the launcher file are unknown, which can make it extremely difficult to handle the task successfully. In either case, do not forget to set up a file backup to ensure that you do not need to lose any of your personal files in the future.

Delete Vurten Ransomware

  1. Delete all recently downloaded suspicious files.
  2. Delete all copies of the ransom note file, UNCRYPT.README.txt.
  3. Empty Recycle Bin to ensure that these components are eliminated.
  4. Install a malware scanner and run a system scan to check if your system is clean.

In non-techie terms:

There is no denying that Vurten Ransomware is a tremendously malicious infection, and, unfortunately, users are usually the ones who are responsible for letting it in. If you want to keep your operating system protected, you need reliable anti-malware software to assist you. You also need to back up your files externally to ensure that your only copies are not taken hostage by cyber criminals again. While it is unlikely that recovering the files corrupted by this malware is possible, you can – and you have to – delete Vurten Ransomware. Our recommendation is to install anti-malware software that could automatically erase the infection and enable full-time protection thereafter, but you can also follow the guide above.