Vrmdtneg Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what Vrmdtneg Toolbar is?

Vrmdtneg Toolbar is another rogue toolbar that is not much different from previous malicious toolbars that are installed through Trojan infections. The hackers have struck again with a silly named toolbar that wreaks havoc on your computer if the buttons are clicked on. Vrmdtneg Toolbar was developed in hopes that you click on one of the buttons that will ultimately either lead you to a malicious website or prompt the download of other fake applications.

In non-techie terms: As we stated in a previous toolbar removal guide such as Rtsplgob Toolbar Removal Guide, we brought the fact to your attention that most of these toolbars have a funny name that you cannot even pronounce. Well, this is another one, try pronouncing Vrmdtneg. Vrmdtneg Toolbar has a set of about 4 buttons just like many of the preceding fake toolbars where each of them do no good for your day-to-day computer activities.

Vrmdtneg Toolbar may resemble this image:

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