Vista Guard Removal Guide

Do you know what Vista Guard is?

Vista Guard is the latest in a list of rogues to make a name for itself as a harmful and seditious rogue antispyware application. This rogue security tool should never be trusted, as it is malicious in nature and will never live up to any of its promises.

Vista Guard is spread via underhanded Trojan horse infections to be found scattered across the Internet and illicit websites. Once the Vista Guard infection infiltrates your PC, you will be the recipient of incessant popup messages warning you of dramatic infections on your PC. This is done to persuade you of Vista Guard’s authenticity and its fake ability to remove these supposed infections and protect your PC against future attacks.

Criminals are behind Vista Guard, out with the sole intent to fleece you out of your money while offering you nothing worthwhile in return. As a further attack on the system and its victim, Vista Guard will be the instigator of the very symptoms it warned about. These include the blocked Internet connections, randomly generated files and a slowed down operating system.

You will need to remove Vista Guard as a matter of urgency in order to prevent permanent damage being caused to your PC. Make use of the removal power of a genuine security product which is able to completely delete Vista Guard for good.

In non techie terms:

Vista Guard is a harmful, online scam. You will receive no benefit from this program, and you really need to get rid of Vista Guard for the well being of your PC.

Aliases: VistaGuard.