VirusGuardPlus Removal Guide and Information

Do you know what VirusGuardPlus is?

VirusGuardPlus or Virus Guard Plus, is a fictitious anti-spyware program that is an exact copy of another fake anti-spyware program, VirtualPCGuard. Both VirtualPC Guard and VirusGuard Plus share the same devious tactics of scanning your system only to display exaggerated results as a scare method.

VirusGuard Plus comes from the same creators who spread Trojan infections such as Zlob onto computers through either the malicious websites or fake video codec downloads. VirusGuard Plus is known to be advertised on which should never be visited by you. Once VirusGuardPlus is installed you get several popup alerts or system messages warning you of an infection. Usually these messages are fake and only part of the devilish plan to get you to purchase a full version of VirusGuard Plus.

In non-techie terms: VirusGuardPlus is not much different from other rogue anti-spyware programs in that it facilitates a scheme that results in you losing money. Do not ever purchase or install VirusGuardPlus under any circumstances. website image:

Aliases: VirusGuardPlus, VirusGuard Plus, Virus Guard Plus,