Virus Remover 2009 Removal Guide

Do you know what Virus Remover 2009 is?

Virus Remover 2009 or VirusRemover 2009, is a fake anti-spyware program which like other fake programs facilitate many malicious actions when installed on your computer. Virus Remover 2009 is basically a newer version of Virus Remover 2008 which is another rogue anti-spyware program that users some of the same tactics in an attempt to extort money from you.

Virus Remover 2009 and like programs uses popups and fake system scans to scare computer users into purchasing a full version of Virus Remover 2009. Virus Remover 2009 makes you think that after spending your money you will fix or remove the threat that Virus Remover 2009 found. Virus Remover 2009 may come from the same sources as VirusRemover 2008 which may be a Trojan such as Zlob or a website that advertises the Virus Remover 2009 or Virus Remover 2008 programs.

In non-techie terms:
Virus Remover 2009, if installed on your computer, should be removed. If you leave Virus Remover 2009 then you may be taking an unnecessary risk of damaging files or personal data. Do not ever purchase the Virus Remover 2009 program under any circumstances.

Aliases: Virus Remover 2009, VirusRemover 2009, VirusRemover2009.