Virus Protector Removal Guide

Do you know what is Virus Protector?

Virus Protector is a rogue anti-spyware program that tends to make use of false spyware results to lure you, the unsuspecting system user, into purchasing its full version. Virus Protector is usually promoted via a Trojan Vundo installer, found on adult websites. Vundo has been the Trojan of choice used by many a hacker, to infect users with pop up messages, disguised as system notifications – all of which are tactics aimed at leading users to the websites affiliated with rogue anti-spyware programs. It is also possible to install Virus Protector  manually, by visiting the rogue website:

In non-techie terms: VirusProtector, rogue.VirusProtector.

Virus Protector may use its system scanner to display false positives, which work as an incentive to coerce unsuspecting users into making a purchase ofVirus Protector 's commercial version. Do not click on any link provided by Virus Protector. Once a user clicks on the link provided, they'll be redirected toVirus Protector 's website, to download and purchase Virus Protector's rogue anti-spyware program. Virus Protector has the ability to recreate itself after reboot and its "System scan" messages may continue to pop up on the task manager, therefore, it is advised to run a scan with a reliable anti-spyware program to check for the presence of Virus Protector  on your computer.


  • Trevvy

    Unfortunately the advice on this page is not possible to follow through as the Virus Protector program is the only one available when the PC is started, this includes in Safe mode or Safe mode with networking. It's also disabled Task manager and has therefore rendered the PC completely useless and without the option to connect to the Internet or anything. It's not even displaying the normal close button at the top of the screen in the program and pressing the Windows button on the keypad to bring up the Start button has not effect, and it's necessary to do this as it's completely hidden the Desktop and the Toolbar.

  • Tom Luikart

    I am unable to remove "virus protector" virus. I have booted regular, last know good configuration, and safe mode but when windows xp boots the virus brings up the scan screen. No icons. No start menu. Task mgr disabled. I can't seem to get around the virus to shut down the process.
    What do I do if I boot from windows cd to be able to disable the virus so that I can remove it.


  • Scott

    Dear Tom,
    First of all thank you fro writing us.
    You have really nasty infection.. Here are instructions what you should do:

    1. turn computer off
    2. turn back on and immediately start tapping the F8 key
    3. chose option safe mode with networking this will allow internet access
    4. download and install atispyware tool and run a full scan after updating.
    5. remove all infected files that where found and restart pc.

    Hope it helps