VIPAntiSpyware Removal Guide

Do you know what VIPAntiSpyware is?

VIPAntiSpyware is claimed to be an essential for the protection of your computer but we have to totally disagree because VIPAntiSpyware looks just like another scam. VIPAntiSpyware has confirmed our speculation of it being a total scam and it has been confirmed as a rogue anti-spyware program. After visiting the website, which looks very convincing, we tested out the VIPAntiSpyware program and it is a caniving and deceitful program.

VIPAntiSpyware displays fake scan results trying to scare you into purchaseing the full version of VIPAntiSpyware to remove it's so-called found parasites. The payment processing for VIPAntiSpyware on the website looks suspicious and may use your information for card scams.

In non-techie terms: VIPAntiSpyware is similar to other rogue applications in the way that you end up wasting your money in return for a bogus program if you choose to purchase VIPAntiSpyware. VIPAntiSpyware and should be avoided because they are not legitmate as the claims that it makes. Do not under any circumstances purchase or download VIPAntiSpyware.

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