Vanilla Refill virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Vanilla Refill virus is?

Our experienced malware researchers identify Vanilla Refill virus as a major threat. If the clandestine infection has corrupted the PC, there is no doubt that it has found a way in. Have you opened a suspicious spam email attachment? Have you clicked on a link presented on an unreliable site? There are plenty of security backdoors that schemers could use to infiltrate the malicious ransomware onto your personal computer. If this happens, you need to delete Vanilla Refill virus right away before it reconfigures the Windows Registry and blocks access to the computer. Unfortunately, the threat is very clandestine, and some computer users do not know they must remove it even after the attack is initiated. In fact, if you do not remove the infection, you could get into a lot of trouble.

Vanilla Refill virus is a ransomware which blocks access to the computer. Schemers camouflage themselves behind the credentials of official law enforcement agencies and order you to pay fines for completely bogus, made-up crimes using MoneyPak, Ukash and Vanilla Reload systems. Due to this, Vanilla Refill virus is often removed as Vanilla Reload virus as well. As a matter of fact, the clandestine threat may have a variety of different names depending on the interfaces that are presented and the organizations whose credentials are employed. For example, one user may need to delete Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security Virus and another may research the removal of Say Hello to Little Virus Brings a Lot of Problems Virus. Despite being created by different cyber criminals, both of these infections are known as Vanilla Refill virus because of the system used to collect ransom fees. Unfortunately, there are many computer users who give up their money without realizing that they are dealing with schemers. This is unfortunate because all you have to do to unlock the system is remove Vanilla Refill virus, and you certainly do not need to give up your savings.

Do you know how to remove Vanilla Refill virus from the operating system? The threat blocks the running of executable files and denies access to the desktop, which makes Vanilla Refill virus removal quite complicated. In order to begin the necessary removal processes, you need to reboot the system in Safe Mode and delete all malicious files and registry entries. Of course, only experienced computer users are likely to perform the removal successfully. Those who are not experienced and who do not know how to handle the threat can install an automatic malware remover. The instructions below show how to install the program onto Windows XP and Windows 8 systems. Scroll down the page to find the removal guides for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users.

Delete Vanilla Refill virus from Windows

Delete from Windows 8:

  1. Tap the Windows key on the keyboard to access the Metro UI menu.
  2. Open a browser and enter into the address box.
  3. Use the on-screen instructions to download and install an automatic malware removal tool.
  4. Scan the operating system and remove the discovered threats.

Delete from Windows XP:

  1. Restart the PC and start tapping the F8 key as soon as BIOS screen appears.
  2. Use arrow keys on the keyboard to select Safe Mode with Networking and then tap Enter.
  3. Wait for the Windows is running in safe mode alert to show up and click YES.
  4. Navigate to the left of the Taskbar and click the Start button.
  5. Launch RUN and enter msconfig. The System Configuration Utility window will show up.
  6. Click the Startup tab and un-mark all listed items (or click Disable All). Select OK.
  7. Download a reliable malware removal tool from .
  8. Install the tool, scan the operating system and delete running malware.

In non-techie terms:

Vanilla Refill virus is a threat which must be deleted from the Windows operating system as soon as possible. The infection blocks access to the system with the help of a misleading notification which some users accept as a real warning from the Police or other authoritative law enforcers. This is just a scam, and so you must delete Vanilla Refill virus from the system as soon as possible. We recommend using the presented guides and install automatic malware removal software.